Apr 17

HW9 is the last one and isn’t due until Thu 4/25

Since we don’t have a class meeting on Thursday, and I’d like to have at least one more class meeting before homework 9 is due, I’m already going to make the call that the homework that was just given out is due not on Tuesday but rather on Thursday 4/25. That will give us one more class session to go over questions and just try to review what we’ve done. We’ve by now covered most of what I wanted to cover this semester, so if we don’t get to much more new material that’s fine—but I do want to make sure everyone feels mostly comfortable with that material we have covered. So, do have a look at the homework assignment before we meet next on Tue 4/23, but you don’t need to have it ready to hand in by then. Also, I expect to be able to return your previous homework assignments by Tuesday as well.

This also means there will be no homework number 10, homework 9 will be the last one.

Apr 04

HW7 extension

I actually doubt people will notice this before class, given that I haven’t been posting things here to the course blog this semester, but in case you’re reading this in the couple of hours after I post it, I’m extending the due date on homework 7 until Tuesday, so if you’re not done with it (or not happy with what you are done with), don’t worry about it, I won’t collect them until Tuesday.

Jan 17

Homework 0

Here’s the first “homework”, just a couple of demographic questions for you. You can email your answers to me. If I did it right, you can click here to start your email with the questions already there. But the questions are:

What other Linguistics courses (or related courses) have you taken?

What are your (actual or planned) major/minors?

What languages (other than English) do you know, and how well?

What language(s) did you grow up speaking?

Do you prefer to be called something other than what I see in the class list?1

Anything else that seems relevant?

1Within reason, that is. “Your Excellence” is not a valid answer here.

Jan 13

Home of the LX 522 (Syntax I) blog

The Spring 2013 course blog will be up and running shortly. At the moment, this is all copied from a previous semester.