This is the current view of how the semester will proceed, but the schedule will be adjusted from time to time. Do not rely on the printed copy; the truth is here: Homework will generally be assigned on Thursdays and due on the following Thursday (the block in the schedule below indicates the time during which it is in your hands).

Date Topic Homework
T 5 Introduction
R 7

Parts of Speech, Phrase Structure Rules

HW 1

T 12
R 14

Hypothesis formulation and comparison

HW 2

T 19

Trees and constituency

R 21

Tree relations, Refining/revising hypotheses

HW 3

T 26 Constructing arguments
R 28 The lexicon: features, heads, phrases

HW 4

T 3 The lexicon: features, heads, phrases (cont'd)
R 5

Complements, adjuncts

HW 5

T 10 No class (BU Monday)
R 12

Embedded sentences

HW 6

T 17 Embedded sentences (cont'd)
R 19

Silent elements

Practice midterm
and key

T 24 Midterm review
R 26 In-class midterm
T 31 Midterm post-mortem
R 2 No class (BUCLD)
T 7


HW 7

R 9 No class (PH out of town)
T 14 UG, more DP, X-bar theory beginnings
R 16

X-bar theory, etc.

T 21

Auxiliaries and movement

HW 8

R 23 No class (Fall recess)
T 28

Interrogatives and movement

R 30

Wh-movement (Note on non-class)

T 5

Constraints on movement

and Key

R 7 Wrap-up, future directions

Practice final
and Key

T 12 Final review