This is the current view of how the semester will proceed, but the schedule will be adjusted from time to time. Do not rely on the printed copy; the truth is here: Homework will generally be handed out on Fridays and be due on Fridays. Homework 1 will be due Friday February 2.

Week of Topic Notes Reading Homework
1/19 Course overview


1/22 Economy in syntax, historical context

video (handout)


HW 1

1/29 Features, agreement

Agreement: video (handout)
(Constituency,) Merge: video (handout v1.1)

2, 3

HW 2

2/5 Theta roles, binding

Theta roles: video (you know, just watch the old one) (handout)
(You can watch the old video if you translate N to D)
Binding: video (handout)

3, 4, 5

HW 3

2/12 Verb movement, parameters, Agree

UTAH: video (handout)
Agree: video (handout)


HW 4

2/20 Agree

“Monday” on Tuesday
Notes before a midterm


Practice midterm
(and KEY)

2/26 Midterm on 3/2 6, 8

Spring recess
3/12 do-support and VPISH

do-support and VPISH: video (handout)


3/19 Case, agreement, passives

Case and agreement: video (handout)
Case continued: video (handout)


HW 5

3/26 Genitive constructions, embedded clauses

Little n: video (handout)
CP and PRO: video (handout)


HW 6

4/2 More types of embedded clauses

Raising, etc. part 1 (seems, PRO): video (handout)
Raising, etc. part 2 (adjuncts): video (handout)

9, 10

HW 7

4/9 Wh-movement, phases, successive cyclicity

V2 and wh-movement: video (handout)


HW 8

4/18 Relative clauses, island constraints

No class Monday
wh-movement and locality: video (handout)

Notes II

HW 9

4/23 Covert movment, QR, semantics, Imperatives, topicalization, focus, ergative languages

S16: Final (KEY)
F15: Final (KEY)
F13: Final (KEY)

4/30 Review Semester ends Wednesday